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Warehouse cleaning service from UniCARE

Warehouse cleaning plays an important role in the maintenance of factory buildings and industrial machineries in each company. Doing this not only makes the working environment of each factory clean and fresh but also help the business owners protect fixed assets, extend the life of machineries and reduce the cost of doing business.

With the initial investment of a large proportion of the factory system, office, industrial machines, they always need care and sanitation to avoid degradation. However, this is always a difficult problem for every manufacturing business. Because with the large workshop system you cannot handle by yourself. In addition, due to the long-term stains, dust and dirt sticking to the machine parts is very difficult to clean without industrial cleaning machines and specialized non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Understanding and sharing your concerns, UniCARE Industrial Sanitary Company would like to provide customers with the necessary industrial sanitation services such as:

Sanitation services at UniCARE

UniCARE professional cleaning services always make the difference

- Cleaning warehouse .

- Cleaning the workshop

- Cleaning office

- Cleaning after construction

Established with the guideline of working: Quality of Japan in Vietnam at local prices UniCARE has been building more and more deep trust from each enterprise and business owner. Currently, UniCARE Company owns a modern machinery system and a team of staffs, technicians with high professional ethic, professional training in the field of cleaning. This contributes to creating practical effectiveness for each cleaning process which we serve customers.

Specifically, our services will help you general cleaning factories after the construction and long-period factories, including:

Cleaning the production area:

The production area (factory) is an important area where many production machinery affects the product quality of your business  directly. Therefore, UniCARE cleaning factory services will clean the paths between production lines, production lines, machines, lighting system, industrial fan system, heat system in a safe way. Eliminating the dusts, stains, oils on the walls, hallways, machineries and equipments in the factory.

Cleaning office

Cleaning entrance, reception area, main hall, hallway, toilet, meeting room, office area, carpet, sofa ...

Cleaning the external area.

Performing the cleaning around the workshop, driveway, parking area, security room ...

For other areas:

Unicare implements the requirements of customers for cleaning storage areas, check-in, check -out goods area, laboratory ... and other special locations such as sample room, cutting room, sterile packaging room, canteen.

During the working process, the staff will help you polish the stone floor with industrial scrubbers, remove long-term stains, sweep spider-webs, dusts on the ceiling and wall or emitted dust  from machinery.

Why should you choose Unicare?

As a professional company in the field of industrial sanitation, UniCARE brings style and variety of professional services. The quality of each service that we provide is a combination of skilled professional staff and modern machinery system. The cleaning chemicals that we use are not toxic to human and do not harm the machinery. Depending on the area of ​​customer's warehouse, we will build appropriate cleaning process, which will allow you to continue to produce without wasting time.

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