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UniCARE stone floor polishing service

Regular stone floor polishing is considered a scientific method that best preserves the stone surface of each building. Stone surfaces such as granite walls and marble floors contribute a great deal in the overall good look of a building or a villa. Not only that, such walls and floors also play a great role in protecting the structure of a building. Generally, stone floors have greater age cycle than wooden floors.

Stone floor cleaning

However, after being used for a period of time, a stone floor can be bruised and become dirty, which makes it lose the initial good look. In such a case, normal cleaning doesn’t help much. A special cleaning process is required to get the job done. At UniCARE, we provide that very special cleaning service that will help polish and restore stone surfaces. Hundreds of organizations, hotels, restaurants and villas have used our service and have been satisfied with the results.

Sàn đá được đánh bóng

For large buildings, shopping centers, hotels and cinemas with high frequency of operation every day, floor polishing should be done once every month (or every 3 months). Furthermore, the stone surfaces need to be specially treated yearly in order to get rid of bruises and stains.

Private houses, villas and apartments have less frequency of operation, so the frequency of floor maintenance is also less, around once a year or once every three years.

UniCARE provides stone surface polishing service (including marble, granite and others) using professional Japanese techniques and imported cleaning machines. With our experienced staffs, our knowledge of stones and our passion for perfection, UniCARE is the best and most reliable place for all your cleaning needs. We make a difference with our quality service and our reasonable price.

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